CommonJS, I Promise by Kris Kowal

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kris_kowal.jpgCommonJS 2010 is moving beyond modules. Placing a hold on standards for IO, CommonJS discussions this year have focused on Binary data, Promises, Packages, and more. We've also moved away from ratifying particular proposals and more toward providing a forum for thoughful design. Join Kris for a pointed presentation on the state of CommonJS: what's done, what's being debated, and what needs to be done.

About Kris:
Kris Kowal got involved with the early discussions about CommonJS in January 2009 to propose a module system. Some time later, transformed, transfigured, and polymorphed, "require" and "exports" became the staple of the CommonJS effort. To encourage the proliferation of modules, Kris has remained involved in CommonJS to close the gap between modern JavaScript and interoperable JavaScript in a wide variety of JavaScript embeddings. Kris presently develops web applications and conducts web performance research for FastSoft, a startup out of California's Institute of Technology (Caltech), is an Apple alumnus, and is making an online map of Middle Earth labeled in Elvish.

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