Getting Functional with (fab) by Jed Schmidt

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Jed proved that the only way to become a real JavaScript ninja is by actually moving to Japan to practice the art.

jed_schmidt.jpg(fab) is an HTTP framework for that eschews the conventionally muddled web stack of middleware, routers, and handlers for a cleaner, more functional approach. By stressing convention over code, (fab) enables any web app to be recursively composed of other web apps, using a chained pattern that enables the full power of javascript but the simple readability of a site map. In this presentation, Jed will show you how to use (fab) to get up and running with your own reusable apps on both the client and server.

About Jed
Trading in natural languages for a living as a freelance Japanese translator, Jed moonlights as a Javascripter in cafes around Tokyo. You can follow him on Twitter at @jedschmidt

Jed at 2010

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