If it moves they will watch it by Sebastian Deutsch & Stephan Seidt

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Canvas DemoDoing animations in the dark ages of the internet led you to technologies like Flash, or even Java Applets. Early arcane magicians tried bending the will of the DOM to create shiny stuff. It felt wrong.

With HTML5 two technologies arrived to fix that: Say hi to Canvas and SVG!

Our talk will cover basic usage and use cases of both technologies. By showing demos and real world examples we'll try to give you an understanding of when to choose what. Eventually we will show you libraries based on Canvas or SVG which should save you some time.

9elements.JPGAbout Sebastian
Sebastian is one of the founders of 9elements, a small software boutique in the heart of the Ruhrarea. He loves to program shiny things with javascript + html5 like the canvas demo we did a year ago. In our spare we run our pet project img.ly which is a twitter based photo sharing platform.

About Stephan
Stephan is an elite ninja at 9elements since 2007 who became partner in 2010. He and 9elements find it very important for everyone with us to split up their attention into both frontend and backend. Orly? Yarly: Sebastian and Stephan recently wrote an iPhone app which sends live sensor data via node.js to browsers for i.e. WebGL vizualisations. Now that we have node and a great commmunity to boost, rich browser web apps and their server counterparts finally converge. It is a great time to do JavaScript now! Stephan's currently into node, several document/KV-stores, iOS and websockets and other HTML5 APIs.

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