Performance Patterns by Stoyan Stefanov

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stoyan_rockstar.jpgIn this talk Stoyan will share bits of his forthcoming book "JavaScript Patterns" (published O'Reilly) focusing on performance. How do we evaluate and measure performance and patterns to improve and write high-performance JavaScript.

About Stoyan
stoyan.jpgA true rock star (and yes, that music video is done in HTML...5 and CSS, rrr, 3, with JavaScript to glue it all) Stoyan Stefanov spends his days working on performance at Yahoo! and his nights open-sourcing, blogging and writing books on web development. Stoyan is the architect of YSlow 2.0, creator of image optimizer, speaker and author of Object-Oriented JavaScript and contributor to Even Faster Web Sites and High-Performance JavaScript. He tweets as @stoyanstefanov and blogs at and

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