Srsly R1pp3d J@vaScript by John-David Dalton

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john_david_dalton.pngIf you are talking hardcore-JavaScript there simply is no way around John (If you don't believe us check this out and understand why this is cool and fundamentally changing JavaScript):

'All the major libraries have ended up looking like jQuery. Now they just bicker about who is the fastest. Library authors stopped innovating 2-3 years ago.' - Dean Edwards
FuseJS is a new JS library that is bringing innovation back, solving problems thought unsolvable and challenging the JS status quo. I will give a brief history of FuseJS and discuss some of the areas FuseJS is innovating including sandboxed natives, event delegation, memory leak plugging, element cloning, feature testing/detection registries & profiling, API design, and customization.

About John
My first JavaScript project was a Super Mario Bros. game engine I made
in high school. I have always been drawn to JavaScript and other ECMAScript based languages. I spend most of my time tinkering with JavaScript frameworks, fixing
bugs, and running benchmarks. I love interacting with the JavaScript community and try to help as much as possible. I have a bachelors degree in Multimedia Instructional Design, an awesome wife, and an adorable Boston Terrier.

John at 2010

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